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Our Team

Mr. Sidddth Kumar Chhajer

MD and Founder (Technoarete Group)

Mr. Siddth Kumar Chhajer, an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, serves as the Founder and Managing Director of Technoarete Group. With a rich background of 12 years in organizing scientific conferences and publications, he led his organization to receive the prestigious "Best Scientific Conference Production House of 2018" award from ABP. Mr. Siddth attributes his success to the synergy of teamwork and the entrepreneurial spirit. His ability to transform risks into opportunities has been instrumental in navigating the ever-changing landscape of education and technology. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he continues to drive innovation and growth in his field.

Mr. Rudra Bhanu Satpathy

CEO and Founder (Technoarete Group)

Mr. Rudra Bhanu Satpathy, CEO of Technoarete Group, boasts 12 years of expertise in organizing scientific conferences and is a dedicated entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Under his leadership, Technoarete achieved recognition as the "Best Scientific Conference Production House of 2018" by ABP. Mr. Rudra Bhanu Satpathy envisions upskilling the knowledge hub, transforming colleges into hubs of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration. His emphasis on global networking and skill development has propelled Indian colleges onto an international stage. His ability to organize national and international educational events fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration, significantly contributing to college development.